To Dance is to Escape…

More than anything else, the Tango is about a connection, an empathy between two people, the need to embrace, and be in the arms of another, to escape, albeit for just a brief moment of time, and in that moment, to live a life time ā€¦ History of Argentine Tango

This video is a little unusual. It is an animated short made in France about two Spanish ballroom dancers. Jorge, the husband, was once known as El Rey del Tango-The King of the Tango. However during the prime of his career, he suffered an accident which paralyzed him from the waist down.

The story really picks up when Jorge is brooding over his past life as a dancer. His wife and dance partner just can not take it anymore. She grabs her husband and for that moment, she allows him to dance like he did before. And dance they do. From the moment the wife straightens her husband’s back and moves his feet, it is clear that this will be a dance to remember. As they are transported to a place of no time or disability, you follow them and get completely lost in their journey.

The story line tugs at your heart strings, the animation leaves you in awe. It is a perfect example of the quote from the beginning of this post. The raw emotion that you feel when watching it is incredible and the connection between the husband and wife is very palpable.

En Tus Brazos means “In Your Arms” in Spanish. I will leave it up to you to decide if that is a fitting title. Enjoy!