A Few Auditions From SYTYCD

Almost any dancer I can think of would love to be on So You Think You Can Dance. Not only are you able to dance on national television in front of millions of viewers, you also also learning from some of the best choreographers in the U.S. It is an incredible opportunity to pursue one’s passion. Until I can dance in front of Nigel and Mary personally, I will just vicariously live through the dancers who make it onto the show.

Like most people, I have my favorite dances from across the seasons. Who could forget “Out of Your Mind” performed by Twitch and Alex Wong or “If It Kills Me” performed by Jason and Jeanine. As much as I love the group dances and duets from the Top 20, I must say I thoroughly love the auditions. Yes, it is always entertaining to see someone who thinks they can dance do something you won’t even see a 5th grader do, however I get more excited when I see amazing dancers excel in their element and style.

This video is some of the best auditions from season 8.  The first dancer you will see is Melanie Moore who went on to win the season. From Melanie’s breathtaking solo to one dancer who makes the dance floor seem like it is made of ice, this video highlights dances from different styles. It makes me want to start practicing my solo from next season. 🙂 Enjoy!