Everyday I’m… Jumpstyling?!?!?

I first saw jumpstyle on So You Think You Can Dance. The dancer’s name was Gold Inferno and he claimed to be the American champion in this style. He proceeded to jump around the stage while flailing his limbs blindly. Like the judges, I could not hold my laughter in. I mean he was wearing a gold Iron Man mask…

But somehow this week I found myself watching jumpstyle and absolutely enjoying it. As I watched more videos, they made me reconsider my initial opinions. I began to realize how entertaining the style actually is. It also made me realize that the skill level of a dancer can really make or break a dance style. For example, if your first exposure to break dancing was from a b-boy or b-girl who was absolutely horrendous, you would have very low opinions of break dancing. You would miss the fact that it is a very complicated dance style that requires a lot of skill and coordination.

These three young men are definitely great representatives of jumpstyle. When there are two or more people in a routine, it automatically becomes more difficult and the probability of the routine looking sloppy dramatically increases. However, groups numbers done well always is a treat to the eyes. Hopefully this serves as a great introduction. Enjoy!


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