A Blast From the Past: Evolution of Dance

Yesterday I was taken back in time. Both literally and figuratively. At the top of my Gmail, there is a little bar of information that highlights something from the World Wide Web. This could be anything from a trending news story to the Dictionary.com Word of the Day. You can choose to turn it off but I don’t mind it since sometimes I see something that suits my fancy.

I have recently noticed that Google products like to promote other Google products. If you are using Gmail say on an old version of Firefox, you will be encouraged to download Google Chrome for a “better viewing experience.” I am sure few people missed the little animated image for the new Google tablet underneath the Google search bar for the past few days. Well, recently I noticed that my information bar in my Gmail has “helpful Google tips” or  popular YouTube videos from “this day in history” when they are trying to be a little bit more subtle.

Yesterday the popular video was Evolution of Dance. Evolution of Dance is one of YouTube’s most popular and best known videos of all time.  At one point it was the #1 most viewed all time video and #1 top rated video on YouTube. Of course Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are holding their own, however this video has over 200 million views. For a video that is not a music video or sponsored by a celebrity, that number is mind boggling to me. Some videos go viral because they are an exceptional display of human stupidity. Some are an exceptional display of innocence or heartwarming cuteness.

Why did this video go viral? Because people could see themselves and people they know in it. Who hasn’t tried to do the worm or robot? We all can remember those classic dance songs of old and the dance moves that accompanied them. The sprinkler, shopping cart and lawn mower all appear in rapid succession. You may have swept those memories under the rug but this video will quickly bring those dust bunnies back to life. We even see some dance moves that have come back in style, such as the jump around and the accompanying hand motion. Maybe dance actually hasn’t evolved that much. Maybe it has regressed… or maybe it is a cycle, like fashion.

Whatever dance is, I am sure like me, you are going to enjoy this look into popular dance history. Judson has also created a Evolution of Dance 2  where he does the cha cha slide, the tootsie roll, and attempts the Solja Boy.  According to Wikipedia… the third installment may include the stanky leg and the iconic pelvic thrusts from “i’m Sexy and I Know It.”

Are you guilty of any of these dance moves? If so I would love to know which ones! Enjoy!