Viral Video: Gangnam Style

I have big news! My blog reached over 500 page views last week. Its going viral! In honor of becoming a blossoming Internet sensation, I would like to dedicate this blog post to one of the most popular videos on YouTube: Gangnam Style. It is now in the Guiness World Records book as being the most liked video in YouTube. It has over an astounding 250 million views and it’s only been online for two months.

Although the video seems silly and absolutely ridiculous, the song and music video is actually a subtle political commentary and satire by the singer Pys. Gangnam style refers to the luxurious lifestyle of the South Korean province Gangnam which people are trying to achieve at all costs. There is a great article in The Atlantic that explains in-depth the deeper message. “…It turns out that the video is rich with subtle references that, along with the song itself, suggest a subtext with a surprisingly subversive message about class and wealth in contemporary South Korean society.” I would definitely encourage you to read the article Gangnam Style Dissected. The video is certainly entertaining however I personally appreciate much more now that I know it isn’t just another dance video…