Turning the dance floor on its side. Literally

Bandaloop seamlessly weaves dynamic physicality, intricate choreography and the art of climbing to turn the dance floor on its side. Bandaloop Website

Imagine dancing on the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington or the Vasco de Gama Tour in Lisbon, Portugal. That’s right. Dancing sideways hundreds of feet off of the ground ON the walls or windows of a building and sometimes on very large rocks with only a harness supporting you.

The dance company Bandaloo performs gravity defying dance routines on a regular basis. They have proclaimed themselve “a pioneer in vertical dance performance.” By juxtaposing the grace and beauty of dance with the grandiosity of large and looming structures, the company celebrates and honors man-made as well as natural wonders.

I am constantly amazed at how choreographers can take creative concepts and make them a reality. I am even more impressed when the routine has elements of suspension incorporated into it. When I saw this video, I was floored (pun very much intended). These dancers give off the impression that they are weightless. It is as though they are being picked up and moved around by the wind. I especially awed by the sequences  when the dancers come together and work in unison.

These routines must take an incredible amount of practice. Although the dancers undoubtedly practice for countless hours, there is no way to control for weather factors such as wind speed and temperature. That probably guarantees that no routine will turn out exactly how it was choreographed. However, I think it is probably that challenge which makes the dancers in the company keep coming back for more. It certainly will make me.


Thank you to Tutus and Stilettos for helping me to discover them!