Tap: The Underappreciated Dance Style

Shuffle step. Shuffle step. Shuffle step step shuffle step.

That is the extent of my tap knowledge. Although many people start their dance journeys with a tap classes, it unfortunately seems as though tap is a dance style that people never really stick with. I remember a few seasons ago on So You Think You Can Dance when there was a record-breaking total of two tap dancers in the top 20. That was the only season where I saw a tap duo as one of the choreographed routines. While we would like to think that SYTYCD displays a variety of different dance styles, sometimes it forgets a few.

There is this great miniseries on Hulu called The LXD  which stands for the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. Although The LXD  and SYTYCD are both dance shows, the similarities end there. SYTYCD is a reality contest show while The LXD  is scripted and has a plot line about the battle between good versus evil. You could easily find LXD dancers auditioning for SYTYCD however I don’t know if they would ever win. The LXD  is about displaying each dancer’s unique style, not whether a tap dancer can foxtrot.

I should note that there are quite a few people from SYTYCD who have roles in The LXD such as Twitch and Lil C. Christopher Scott, one of SYTYCD’s choreographers, is also one of the main choreographers and dancers on The LXD.  The video that I am highlighting today is one of my favorite routines on the show is it also happens to be a tap routine.

The routine is incredibly dynamic. I love the way Christopher incorporates his upper body. It is not just about his feet but he moves his entire body to the rhythm he is creating. There is also an element of story telling incorporated through the narration and the two background dancers who represent his “inner demons.” Although this video is 10 minutes long, the actual dance routine ends around 6:30. Each episode is less than 15 minutes and I would encourage all of you to watch the series from the beginning.  I hope this has been a great introduction.