What if swing states meant states where people swing danced…

That is just my random political musing for the day. Thanks for taking a small break from all of the election madness. We all know its about those key “swing states” but today I wanted to focus on a different type of swing. Swing dance began in Harlem in the 1920s as a dance style to accompany jazz music. It was not until the 1940s that it became widely mainstream and was first taught in the dance schools. The different styles of swing dance are dependent on the tempo of the music. This particular video is an example of West Coast Swing.

When I typed “West Coast Swing” into the Youtube search bar, I must admit I had very vague and antiquated notions of what I would find. I thought there would be videos of women bobbing up and down, wearing poodle skirts, and dancing to music of the 50s. But actually, I did.

My idea of swing dancers

Imagine my surprise when I found a video from 2011 that easily could have been a routine on Dancing with the Stars. I found a video of modern-day swing and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to look up a few more “modern” swing dances however they all came back pretty much in the same style.

It was that moment when I remembered that dance is not static, it is constantly evolving. The dance from 50 years ago is not the same dance we know today. Just think of how much modern dance has changed over the past few decades. It would be absolutely silly to think that dances such as swing do not evolve as well and take on the qualities of the day. Let this video serve as a similar reminder for you.