Nutcracker Season is Upon Us

Hello Blogosphere!

I know it has been a while since my last blog post. It is a long and unfortunate story, however I promise this post should make up for any of the emptiness you may have felt. Just as a side note, during my absence my blog reached over 1,000 page views!!! How very exciting!!! Today’s post is dedicated to all things Nutcracker and to the Colgate University Ballet Company! Tis certainly the season for one of the most well-known ballets of all time.

nutcracker kaitlyn

For many, performing in The Nutcracker or watching it onstage is a holiday tradition. While I was not one of those people who started singing Christmas carols immediately after Thanksgiving dinner, I will admit that I did start searching for Nutcracker videos online. Even if you never have seen the ballet, you have definitely heard the music. It is practically synonymous with the holidays.

Here are a few fun facts about The Nutcracker you probably didn’t know.

  1. At its 1892 premiere in Russia, The Nutcracker was considered a failure by the public and critics. If they could only see it now…
  2. Tschaikovsky actually didn’t even like The Nutcracker. He considered Sleeping Beauty to be his real masterpiece. It’s funny how things work out…
  3. The ballet version of The Nutcracker was adapted by Alexandre Dumas, author of The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo. That would explain the fencing…
  4. In the New York City Ballet’s production, their Christmas tree grows to be 41 ft tall. That would be about the height of about 7 American men… or 8 people my height…
  5. In the Houston Ballet’s production, a dancer will go through about 30 pairs of pointe shoes during the entire Nutcracker season. I still own my first pair of pointe shoes…

In college, I was in our ballet company’s Nutcracker for all four years. Being in the production year after year was a part of my college experience as much as any of the classes I took. I was everything from a mother in the party scene to Spanish dancer and a poisonous flower (kidding about the poisonous part). I should also mention that in my first year, the ballet company was very tiny.

2008 Nutcracker

This is our ENTIRE cast my first year. 13 people. Needless to say we all were in at least three different dances.

Nutcracker 2009

This is the cast my second year. A lot more than the previous year. In fact, the cast more than doubled!

While the video I am highlighting today pays homage to The Nutcracker, it is not actually a dance video. I chose a video that highlights the music from the ballet in a creative way. Other than The Nutcracker, another thing I love about the holidays are the lights. I love houses that have been covered and decorated in reindeer, blow-up snowmen, and of course, hundreds of lights. There are even some families who time their decorations to music so you have 3 minutes of flashing holiday cheer. This particular light show is set to A Mad Russian Christmas, an electric mash-up of Nutcracker music. I do have to let you know that there is a lot of light flashing that happens in this video. You have been warned.