Drop pants not bombs, breakdance not hearts

And as the rest of the saying goes, make love not war…

As I have alluded to in previous posts, dance is not static; it is constantly changing and evolving. With each new age and generation, it incorporates the zeitgeist or elements of that time. Breakdancing is a perfect example of dance doing exactly that. Also known as breaking or b-boying, breakdancing originated in New York City during the 1970s. While some cite capoeira as a major influence, others refer to James Brown’s song Get on the Good Foot and kung fu films as the original factors that led to breakdancing’s creation.

Similar to vouging and waccking, breakdancing became a way for individuals to battle each other instead of resorting to physical violence. Although the 1980s is referred to as the height of breakdancing, it has seen a resurgence through various dance movies and competitions.

Bboy contest

A few weeks ago when I was searching for dance videos, I stumbled across the Yak Films dance channel on Youtube. YAK is a group of young filmmakers who strive to be an alternative to the mainstream media while sharing the talent of young dancers and inspiring others. They have a unique street-based documentation style for filming the global dance movement.

Today I am bringing you two breakdance videos from Yak Films. I chose these two because they highlight different elements and styles of breaking. In the first video, the b-boy is wearing a headspin beanie which is pretty self-explanatory. It allows the dancer to perform moves that require the head, such as spins. He is also using a portable dance floor which allows him to stay in contact with the ground for longer periods of time. The second video highlights more of the power behind breaking. This dancer incorporates many flips and other strength moves. I also really enjoyed the subway filming and how people were trying to avoid getting in the b-boys way.

After watching these videos I was inspired to try to breakdance in my living room. Results: I need to work on my upper body strength… Hope you all enjoy!