Choreographer Spotlight: Christopher Scott

Happy February Dance Fam!

I am not sure if you heard the news (or if you particularly care), however, Alison Holker from season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance and Twitch from season 4 were recently engaged!!! I have absolutely no doubt they will be the next dance power couple like Napoleon and Tabitha.

One of the aspects I love about SYTYCD is how dancers on the show, even if they didn’t win, can take the experience and make a name for themselves. Case in point, Travis Wall. He went from being a dancer on the show to an Emmy nominated choreographer for the show. What dancer doesn’t dream of that happening to them???

Another aspect of SYTYCD I love is the group dance. In addition to the old adage “there is strength in numbers,” group dances have greater flexibility to play with the formations and complexity. As a result, the overall visual effect can be incredibly stunning.


Two of my favorite group dances from SYTYCD are both choreographed by Christopher Scott. He is one of the masterminds behind the miniseries The LXD and this fabulous tap routine I posted last year. These two routines truly exemplify his style and persona. The lines are very clear and Chris incorporates many angular movements. He also plays with the speed and tempo, going from large sweeping movements to small isolations of various body parts. I honestly can’t talk about his routines without fawning…

The first video I am showcasing is the top 10 guys routine from season 8. If someone were to turn Inception and The Matrix into a dance, this would definitely be it. I love the use of the doors and the music fits perfectly with the men of mystery theme. Also, when the four guys in the middle are executing their pirouettes and fouettes and then the tour en l’air, I just melt.

The second dance is the top 20 season 9 group dance. Although there are some stylistic similarities it shares with the first routine, the tone is very different. It is hauntingly beautiful and focuses more on the smaller movements. When I watch this video, I think of stressed office workers who are slowly going insane.

Hope you enjoy!