Hello Hello!

I have decided to recap/voice my opinions about So You Think You Can Dance this season. My intention is to have each post published by Wednesday night… We shall see how that goes!

My initial thoughts for this episode: It was a pretty solid show. The top 20 is clearly talented and there is a nice range of stylistic diversity. However, was it just me or did almost everyone seem to be 19?!?! Does this mean I missed the boat if I still wanted to be on the show? The opening sequence was certainly one of the most creative. NappyTabs is a favorite of mine and they never cease to amaze me. A couple that choreographs together stays together. Also, 99.9% positive their child will inevitably grow up to be a spectacular dancer.

Here are my thoughts on each dance in order of performance:

  1. Mariah and Carlos, Jive, Jason Gilkison: I thought this was a fun and cute routine. On the technical side, they weren’t as light on their feet as other jives I have seen but I did enjoy watching it. I agree with Mary that it was a little labored but nevertheless, it was solid start to the night.
  2. Jasmine M. and Alan, Contemporary, Travis Wall!!!!! Before I critique the execution of this routine, I just want to talk about how much I love Travis Wall and what an amazing success story he is. Going from one of the first dancers on the show to now being a respected choreographer is incredible. Now on to the actual dance, it was beautiful and moving. Unlike some other comments I have read, I didn’t think the blindfolds made me lose any connection with either of the dancers. I am not trying to connect with their face, just their emotions and movements. Also, Jasmine M. is definitely a front-runner in my book.
  3. Malice and Jade, Jazz, Travis Wall: I have rewatched this routine and I still think it was just ok. While I thought the choreography and the song was great, everything could have been bigger and a little more over the top. As a side note, Malice is cute as a button.
  4. Jenna and Tucker, Broadway, Tyce DiOrio: After rewatching this one, my opinion of it did slightly improve. I usually love Tyce but I still wasn’t really feeling it. Jenna’s technique seemed a little off to me.
  5. Brittany and Blueprint, Afro Jazz, Sean Cheesman: I was seriously impressed. It was clearly stated during their intro that they were both out of their element and yet they still did a great job! And they were the first hot tamale train.
  6. Alexis and Nico, Hip-hop, Christopher Scott:  If you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably are aware that I am slightly in love with Christopher Scott. So it pains me a little to say that this was another meh routine for me. Nigel summed up my thoughts. It just wasn’t working. The audience didn’t even boo when the judges gave their reviews so you know that routine definitely was not up to par. Also, Alexis executed the movements better than Nico did.
  7. Mackenzie and Paul, Viennese Waltz, Jason Gilkison: Was beautiful. I enjoyed it. They executed it very well and very graceful and flowing.
  8. Jasmine H and Aaron, Jazz, Sonya Tayeh: Sigh… There were a too many leg extensions for my taste. Ok so we know you can you can do that… moving on. Maybe I am a little biased because for some reason, I am not a huge Jasmine H fan. I never jumped on her boat even with her Cyrus sob story… I didn’t think she was that great in Vegas and I didn’t think she deserved all of that praise for this routine…
  9. Haley and Curtis, Hip-hop, Chris Scott: I was a little upset because a storm watch warning interrupted the entire routine. Even with the beeping and minimized screen, I thought this routine was great, much better than the first Chris Scott. I must admit that while he never goes wrong with his group pieces, his duets can be hit or miss for me. This one was definitely a hit and Curtis really shined.
  10. Amy and Fik-Shun, Contemporary, Sonya Tayeh: Hauntingly beautiful. A great way to end the night.

So those are my thoughts. Tell me what you thought of this top 20!