SYTYCD Top 20 Dance Again…

Hello All,

I realize it is Monday but better late than never! Last week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance definitely came as a surprise for many people. No one seemed to be expecting, including the dancers, that eliminations were going to happen at the beginning of the show. It makes little sense and I wonder if they will stick with it. I also wonder why the bottom six seemed surprised. Shouldn’t they tell the dancers this before they are on live television… Only time will tell if this causes a backlash.

In terms of the actual solos, I will have to agree with Nigel that they were slightly disappointing. I felt as though most of the bottom six showcased tricks instead of trying to make a fluid solid routine. Granted, they were probably railroaded by Nigel’s announcement… I was a little surprised however that Brittany and Carlos went home. They were certainly the more classically trained dancers… However when I think about it, I do think the judges do tend to save the unique dancers first. Perhaps that is their way of balancing out for contemporary dancers.

On to the actual routines. This week I have decided to group them in categories instead of chronological order. As a side note, I think Christina Applegate should be a permanent judge. Her constructive criticism is spot-on plus she has a quirky personality.

Best in Class

  • Jasmine H. and Aaron, Hip-Hop, Nappy Tabs: My oh my was there a lot of grabbing and sex in these routines. Like Mary, I was under the misguided impression that this was family friendly show… Even with all of the grabbing, I enjoyed this routine much more than last week’s. It was heartfelt and felt very real to me. Nappy Tabs rarely does wrong in my eyes. Also, Jasmine’s backward roll into the split was incredibly impressive.
  • Nico and Alexis, Contemporary, Stacey Tookey: Stacey Tookey has done it again. Another absolutely beautiful piece with a fantastic opening sequence from Nico. Forget about Alexis, my eyes were on him most of the time.
  • Blu Print and Brittany, Broadway Spencer: I personally loved this routine!!! The library theme was well played and I enjoyed how all of the props were used, from the bookcase to the books and even the table. It’s a shame that Brittany had to go home because she really shined in this routine.
  • Jasmine M. and Alan, Tango, Miriam and Leonardo: A fantastic dramatic routine that is definitely at the top of the pack  It gave me a few goosebumps rewatching it. I loved how the routine built up speed and complexity so by the end it had me at the edge of my seat. The final lift sequence was unbelievable. I am always amazed what choreographers think of. Jasmine H makes brings an intensity to everything she does.
  • Jenna and Tucker, Cha-Cha, Dmitry Chaplin: Dmitry is another success story from SYTYCD. He is one of the professionals on Dancing with the Stars and has been nominated for an Emmy. This was personally my favorite “sexy” routine of the night because it was very classy and more on the sensual side. So what if there wasn’t enough cha-cha, the dancers did a great job with their choreography.
  • Amy and Fik-Shun, NappyTabs, Hip-hop: Did Cat really say “rachet?”Bahaha. Fik-shun was obviously in his element and although Amy struggled a little, it didn’t matter. Their personality and enthusiasm made this routine one of the best of the night. Still not 100% sure why people went crazy over the Bernie though…

Mediocrely Done:

  • Malece and Jade, Bollywood, Nakul Dev Mahajan: That was a fun routine but it was pretty one-sided. I felt so much energy watching Malece and when I looked at Jade, I felt nothing. Still Bollywood is difficult and I give him credit.
  • Carlos and Mariah, Contemporary, Stacey Tookey: I had to rewatch this one because I didn’t care for it the first time I saw it. Although I can see it was executed with emotion and grace, I still don’t feel anything when I watch it. Although I know everyone else loves it, it just doesn’t strike a chord for me.

Sometimes things just don’t work out…

  • Curtis and Haley, Jazz, Ray Leeper: So much grabbing… definitely not a PG routine. I wasn’t really a huge fan because apart from the sex factor, I didn’t think it had much substance. I do love Curtis though. He has a great stage presence.
  • Mackenize and Paul, Jazz, Sean Cheesman: The execution was just fine but it seemed as though it was lacking energy. I didn’t think it was great…

So those are my thoughts. Promise my thoughts for tomorrow’s show will be published in a more timely manner…