SYTYCD Season 10 Review: Top 18

Superfans, it is always good to know that our voices matter. No more eliminations at the beginning of the show! Although, I wonder if the judges still decide who will be leaving at the beginning of the night and adjust their critiques accordingly… Case in point, Jasmine M. I am extremely disappointed that she went home. First of all, I am not even sure why she was in the bottom three to begin with. She had been a solid dancer this entire season!  When the judges gave her Broadway routine a poor review, I unfortunately knew it was over. I guess there was only room for one Jasmine on the show. Upsetting

Moving on. The openings this season are absolutely STELLAR. A collaboration between Sonya Tayeh and Christopher Scott (need I say more) is akin to the collaboration between peanut butter and jelly. It is a match made in Heaven!!! I wonder if we will see more choreographer collaborations in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing such a well blended routine.

This week was another strong week overall and we saw the introduction of two new choreographers. Although I love the existing choreographers currently on SYTYCD, I am happy that the show is still expanding and incorporating new talent. You never know who will be the next Sonya or Chris…

Best in Class:

  • Amy & Fik-Shun, Pasodoble, Jean Mark: The pasodoble is one of my favorite ballroom dances. I have a very distinct association between the pasodoble and the final scene of the opera Carmen. The more dramatic the better, and this one certainly delivered in intensity. With the help of Amy, Fik-Shun is truly growing in the competition and he takes the constructive criticism to heart in order to continue to improve. As I and others have said previously, this couple is in it to win it.
  • Mackenzie & Paul, Contemporary, Lindsay Nelko: What a great debut for Lindsay. It was an absolutely beautiful routine that was executed with both strength and grace. Paul is a wonderful partner and he made those lifts seem effortless.
  • Alan & Jasmine M, Jazz, Sean Cheesman: I loved this routine. I have been a fan of Charlotte Martin ever since season 4 when they used her song “The Dance” for a group number. For me the highlight was how the routine ended the same way it began. It was clear from the judges critique that they had decided to send Jasmine home and it was unfortunate that they couldn’t give her the praise she deserved. In regards to the judges comments that Jasmine and Alan could have brought bigger personalities, I personally enjoyed the subtlety. Were they expecting Alan and Jasmine to turn into a twerk team onstage? I think not.
  • Jenna & Tucker, Hip Hop, Keone & Mari Madrid: I enjoyed this routine much more than I thought I would. I wasn’t a fan of the storyline because I dislike the fact Jenna is being typecast as a vixen. (Also as a side note, if this storyline doesn’t seem to fit with the choreography, its because it actually doesn’t. It was originally performed as a general tribute to MJ.) Nevertheless, the choreography was fantastic and Jenna did very well. The precision, attention to detail, and musicality were great. However, once again the judges irritated me when they displayed their dismay that this was not a strict hip hop routine. Yeah hi, can we just mention lyrical hip hop. The judges should be very well aware that blended styles are all the rage on the show and stop being so surprised when choreographers decide to mix it up.
  • Malece & All-Star Marco, Contemporary, Sonya Tayeh: Beautiful. Breathtaking. Stunning. Chills. The end.

Mediocrely Done:

  • Jasmine & Aaron, Broadway, Spencer Liff: It was a perfectly fine routine that was very well executed. I know quite a few people (including the judges) who absolutely loved this routine, but I really did not care for it. Perhaps it is because these two still are not in my favorites or maybe it was the actual choreography. I know I am in the minority. Jasmine H. is starting to grow on me however every time someone mentions her legs (especially if it is in rapid succession) I become exasperated. If people started talking about how they wanted to be born again as my legs, I would probably be very uncomfortable and get a restraining order…
  • Mariah & Blu Print, Hip Hop, Luther Brown: This time I actually agree completely with the judges. Mariah definitely was stronger in this routine than Blu Print. However, I think it was mediocre overall  because of Blu Print’s performance and parts of the routine seemed to slow down dramatically. The energy fluctuated a bit.

Sometimes things just don’t work out…

  • Haley & Curtis, Samba, Jean-Marc Genereux: Where was the energy?!?! It seemed very lacking. Curtis was pretty stiff and I agree he was overshadowed by Haley’s. However at least Curtis seemed to have slightly more energy that Hayley did. I predict they will both be in the bottom.
  • Alexis & Nico, Jazz, Spencer Liff: Unfortunately not a fan. Nico was great as always but Alexis was not that strong for me. She just can’t keep up with Nico’s technique. This was especially clear when there were moments of synchronization. I actually cringed multiple times during this number. I can not fathom why she was selected over Jasmine. It is a good thing I keep this blog PG or else there would be some expletives written right about now.

Those are my thoughts. Feel free to leave yours!