My latest dance shoot: Michaela DePrince

Michaela DePrince from First Position. What an incredibly beautiful dancer. If you haven’t seen the documentary, I would highly recommend that you do. It follows the lives of six incredibly talented dancers on their journey to the Youth American Grand Prix.

Champagne for Ducklings

Last Monday morning, I was lucky enough to be hired to do a shoot with Michaela DePrince, a beautiful dancer who moved to Amsterdam just two days after our shoot to dance with Dutch National Ballet – amazing! You may recognize her from the ballet documentary First Position – and if you haven’t seen it, you totally should; it’s wonderful (and yes, it is on Netflix – I’ve been asked that question at least 8 times in the last week). My shoot with Michaela was for the Australian dancewear company Energetiks – they were awesome to shoot for because, after specifying that they just needed their dancewear to be visible in my photos, they gave me full creative control. 

And in my world, full creative control means Let’s shoot at the Seaport at 5am!; Michaela was such a trooper for putting up with that plan. Even though the shoot…

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