Hi All,

I know I know… Where have i disappeared to these past few weeks? Well at least it wasn’t two months like last time. Although I  did start a post for the top 16, I found that episode very disappointing. From Carly Rae Jepsen being a horrendous guest judge to just the generally weak routines, I decided it wasn’t worth it to finish the post. One of my favorite dances of the season (so far) did happen that week. It was Paul and Mackenzie’s hip-hop routine. I wasn’t expecting myself to like it but I found myself on the end of my seat the entire time. My favorite part is strangely when Mackenzie pulls on Paul’s suspenders… Just in case you missed it or want to see it again, here it is.

On to this week! I really wanted to like the opening dance but for some reason I didn’t connect to it. Maybe it was the music or maybe the paso doble and Sonya Tayeh don’t actually mix…

Best in Class:

  • Alexis & Nico, Contemporary, Sonya Tayeh: This piece exemplifies Sonya Tayeh’s work. The story, the movement, the raw emotion and passion. Just everything about it screamed Sonya. Alexis running in place legitimately gave me the chills. Like Mary said, you really felt her desperation and maybe it was so raw because Alexis knew she was going home. This was such a wonderful moment and a great note for Alexis to leave on. I also really appreciated the great critiques by the judges. Those were definitely the best reviews/critiques I personally have heard.
  • Haley & Leonardo, Argentinean Tango, Miriam & Leonardo: Absolutely incredible. Everything about this was great. The lines, the footwork, the intensity. Easily the best of the night.
  • Mackenzie & Paul, Jazz, Sonya Tayeh: I must say that I am completely enamored with Paul. I absolutely love the way he moves his body. He is just so fluid. Between last week and this week, this couple has definitely risen to the top in my eyes. Also does anyone remember this audition?
  • Jasmine & Aaron, Contemporary, Justin Giles: This is probably the first routine for me that I genuinely liked by this pair. They danced the choreography beautifully and I actually felt something other than extreme annoyance while watching Jasmine. The sharpness contrasted with the softness and for the first time, I understood all of the Jasmine fans out there. Well done.
  • Amy & Fik-shun, Hip-hop, Christopher Scott: This was a fun and cute routine. Although I was completely floored when “Let’s Get It on” started playing, it worked. As a side note, did anyone else notice the subtle parallel with Sexy Breakfast danced by Sasha and Twitch from season 8?

Mediocrely Done:

  • Jenna & Tucker, Hip-hop, Luther Brown: I really liked this choreography but the execution was definitely flat. Tucker wasn’t hitting as hard as he could and while you could tell Jenna was really going at it, the energy seemed uneven. There were too many periods of low intensity. As a small side note, Nigel has been extraordinarily harsh. I think he need to calm his boat.
  • Malece & Alan, Salsa, Jonathan Platero: What an incredibly fast-paced routine. It was very technically difficult and for the most part they delivered. Alan’s technical training definitely was utilized well in this number. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his  fancy footwork. The lifts were pretty impressive too and he is clearly a great partner. That being said, in a sea of great routines, while this was good, it certainly was not at the top.

Sometimes things just don’t work out:

  • I guess no couple fell in this category this week. Maybe I am being a little too soft in my reviews…

Mini Group Dances

  • Broadway, Spencer Liff: Loved this. If only went I went out to bars my friends  and randomly break out into synchronized dancing… Oh wait, that has actually happened to me, many times. One of the perks of being a choreographer I suppose.
  • Contemporary, Bonnie Story: This dance gave me the chills. It was powerful, moving, and beautiful with a well timed social message.

So those are my thoughts. I will leave you with my favorite routine of the night, Haley and Leonardo’s Argentinean Tango. Enjoy!