Happy (Belated) Anniversary To Me

Greetings Earthlings.

Me posing with SYTYCD winner Joshua Allen at National Dance Day

Me posing with SYTYCD Season 4 winner Joshua Allen at National Dance Day in Washington D.C. Be jealous…

I have been meaning to share this photo with you. Don’t we make such a cute couple… In other news, on July 21st, my blog turned 1. It was a Sunday and not a particularly eventful day. However when I signed into WordPress, I received this little notification stating that my blog was officially a year old. What a wonderful, if not sporadic journey this has been! Thank you to everyone who has followed me and read my posts throughout this past year. In January, I did a brief update about some of my viewer stats but this time around, I will expand on the actual stats. I find this information pretty fascinating and hope you do too!

To date, I have 3,783 page views. While I realize that some of these views are little spambots, even if I attribute 15 percent of my views to spam, I still have a solid 3,200 page views. I also have 50 followers and I promise that not all of them are family members or friends.

In this past year, I have written 38 posts. My top posts (excluding my homepage/archives) are:

  1. Strike a Pose. Vogue (and Waack)! with an astonishing 545 views
  2. Choreographer Spotlight: Christopher Scott with 193 views
  3. The Future of Dance with 141 views
  4. Because everyone secretly wants to play with fire… with 134 views
  5. SYTYCD Top 20 with 117 views
  6. About with 115 views
  7. Everyone loves a good flash mob… with 100 views

For what it is worth, “people” in over 70 countries have visited my blog. Most of those views are overwhelmingly from the United States with the United Kingdom coming in a very distant second. The other top countries are Canada, Australia, Germany and France. I apparently had 1 visitor from Brunei Darussalam, 2 from Lithuania, and 10 from the Czech Republic.

Other than search engines, the other referrers to my blog are facebook with 382 leads, wordpress with around 60 leads and twitter with about 30. Search engines continue to bring me the most traffic with over 1,500 leads. Google still reigns supreme with over 1,300 views.

Now for the search terms people use to find my blog. Over one hundred terms have been used to find my blog, and I must say that people have some really interesting things they are searching for. Since my voguing post is the most popular, many of the search terms used are related to that subject. The top 10 terms are

  1. Voguing
  2. Waacking
  3. Christopher Scott choreographer
  4. Waacking dance
  5. Dance around the world
  6. Harlem Shake Grumpy Cat
  7. Marquese Scott (who, by the way, is NOT related to Christopher Scott…)
  8. Flash mob dance
  9. Future of dance
  10. Shinichi Maruyama

Some of the more interesting terms people have used are…

  • Grumpy cat dance – I would love to see that actually happen…
  • Caribbean nude dance hall videos, break dance men nude, naked women dancing to harlem shake – In general, quite a few people were looking for nude dancers… When it is tasteful and artistic like Shinichi Maruyama, I have no problem. If you are just looking for naked people who happening to be dancing, please leave my blog…
  • Breakdance activism – I am not sure if that exists but it sounds very interesting.
  • I’m a good dancehall dancer & i want to join a group – I am currently not choreographing for CSA anymore (sadface) however I am sure someone out there has a dancehall group. I hope you find one!
  • Booty pelvic gyration – No comment.
  • Dubstep + psychology – I would really like to know what this person found…
  • Did people really wear poodle skirts – Why yes, yes they did.
  • And last but not least,”Is Christopher Scott single 2013” – As an aside, during the opening number of the latest SYTYCD, I kept repeating”I love Christopher Scott.” When my mom asked me who Christopher Scott was, I simply replied “The love of my life. Obvi.”

So Those are some of the highlights. Let’s celebrate my one year by watching a cute penguin dance.