Why, it’s a man! A man made out of tin!

Guess who’s back (da da da) back again (da da da). Dance Pundit’s back (da da da). Tell a friend (da da da).

Hello Blogosphere!

I’m back!!! I am well aware that my hiatus lasted much longer than intended and expected however I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. My life has been busy these past two months and to be fair, I did give you a mini post last month. In the month of October I celebrated a birthday, went to Las Vegas AND finally met one of the loves of my life, Brooklyn Mack. This time I did not start hyperventilating!!! Best of all even during my hiatus, blog traffic was steady. That must mean I have great content!

Today I am posting two videos of the dubstep/break dancing variety. The first was produced by Yak Films. If you haven’t read my first break dancing post, you really should. I am constantly amazed by the creativity and quality of Yak Films. This particular video features four great dancers, Lil Crabe, iDummy, Ladia Yates and Marquese Scott aka Nonstop, showcasing their unique style and talent.

Each person brings something different and spectacular to the dance floor. Lil Crabe has an incredible level of flexibility. It is insanely impressive to watch him move his obviously long limbs with such ease. He must use much more energy and control than smaller or shorter dancers. iDummy is one of my favorite bone breakers to watch. He has an impressive fluidity that makes his bone breaking seem very effortless. I showed the video to my mother and she essentially said that looks great but what is so special about what he (iDummy) did? -_- Did you not see him dislocate every bone in his body??? Ladia Yates is such a fun and spunky dancer to watch. She certainly infuses some femininity and sensuality that is often lacking in such a male dominated arena. Finally, Marquese Scott once again shows that he is one of the best at what he does. No question.

As a side note, if you watch this video and think to yourself, “Wow, look at all of that really nice furniture,” that is because they are actually dancing in a luxury furniture showroom/gallery…

The second video is also a group number that happens to feature Marquese Scott. The dancers here are all members of the dance crew Dragon House. If you are a SYTYCD fan, you’ll know that Cyrus and BluPrint both belong to this crew. BluPrint is in this video, dancing his signature moves! Enjoy!