It’s everywhere.  Anytime.  Infinite.

A step. A swipe. A push. A nod. A smile. A grab. A tap. A shake. A word. A reaction. An action. A calmness. A flow. A tear. A chop. A scoop. A current. A complacent answer. A grind. A order. A fast hand typing. A carry. A creation. A lookout. A pickup. A gesture. A taste. A heartbeat. A breath.

I observed these particular movements on my coffee break from Septime Weber’s rehearsal day of Alice at KCB.  Then I sat back & thought. . . Why is movement so interesting?

What makes a dancer’s movement contagious, or subjectively liked more than another? Just like at the coffee shop, movement which has purpose – a clear determination – flows & has a sense of appeal.

If you dance & are reading this or do anything that includes movement – everything – I…

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