This is an A and B dance conversation…

So C your way out of it before D and E come and Fouette you away…

Just my dance inspired take on the classic sassy dismissal. How many times did you hear the original phrase or even say it yourself? As I was poking around the interweb, I discovered that the FTC also revised the saying to suit their purposes: “This is an A and B conversation so C your way to the privacy seminar.” No comment…

Today we will take a journey through two alphabets of dance. The first is a general dance alphabet where specific dance movements and dance styles are highlighted. This video was created by Jacob Sutton, an incredible professional videographer/photographer, for i-D Magazine in collaboration with Diesel Jeans. If you look closely, there are quite a few familiar faces including Phillip Chbeeb from SYTYDC and the most recent Step Up movies, Nicole ThePole Williams from Rihanna’s Pour It Up and Lil’ Buck from, well, everything…

As for the “letters” I loved, definitely D for death drops. Any dance can be enhanced by a well-timed death drop. The F for finger tutting and G for the grand jete were perfectly timed to the music. J for Jump style is always a treat while N and Q were great comedic interludes. V for Vogue hands is actually the subject of one of my oldest and most popular posts.

The second video goes through the alphabet of a particular type of dance, artistic pole dancing, which is another one of my earliest posts. When I watch those videos, I am constantly awed by the athleticism and abdominal strength of the women and men who seriously pursue the style. Just as a note, that is a spinning pole.

Some of the positions these dancers hold are truly stunning feats. Many are actually adapted from ballet and other more traditional dance styles including A for allegra and C for cocoon. H for handspring and L for lift are absolutely things you would see in gymnastics The Marcher sur l’eau amazes me every single time. She is essentially walking around the pole, in midair… Also, how are those women holding on during the R for the Russian Lay Back and U for underarm? Finally, no additional words are necessary for the iron-X.

Hope you enjoyed your guided tour through a couple dance alphabets!


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