A Reintroduction

Fireside Chat with Ruben Martin and Dana Genshaft

Hi. Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Terica and I love dance. I danced when I was younger and throughout college and it really sparked joy in my life. When I stopped taking several hours of dance a week, I felt a little lost. I created this dance blog as a way to stay connected to the art form I treasured. As I started “adulting”, life became full and hectic. I didn’t write as much on this blog even though I was attending performances and was a member of various arts and culture groups. Then last week, I attended an intimate fundraiser with Ruben Martin, ballet master for the Washington Ballet and Dana Genshaft, choreographer and a retired soloist from the San Francisco Ballet. I had the chance to chat with Dana afterwards and she encouraged me to resume this creative outlet. So here I am. I think this time around there will be more variety in the types of posts I write. There will still be reviews of videos and dance styles, however I think I will talk about influential dance figures and possibly review performances I attend. I’m not exactly sure exactly what it will look like, however I hope you join me for the journey.

Sincerely yours,



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