Hello World!

My name is Terica and I am an avid dancer. I am also a recent graduate trying to find my place in the world. I created this blog for a few main reasons. Since I just graduated, I have much more time on my hands. I thought that starting a blog would be a productive use of my time after work. When I was deciding what to blog about, dance was the obvious option. It is one of the only thing that I would want to write about on a regular basis. However, I did not want to write random musings about dance. I wanted a blog that I could see other dancers and people interested in dance coming back to on a regular basis.

Like many other people I know, when I am bored I usually go to Youtube and watch videos. Since I love dance, I tend to watch videos from So You Think You Can Dance or other choreographed pieces. One video can turn into 20 and a 5 minute study break can turn into a 30 minute one. There have been countless times that I have roped my friends into one of my dance video “binges,” especially in the library… I always wished there was a place that listed all of the best, quirky, spellbinding, unique, and newest dance videos out there. While I do not intend to catalog every dance video that exists on the internet, I will highlight some of the ones I think are noteworthy. Hope you enjoy!



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  1. Oh my goodness! Our blog’s themes are pretty similar, I didn’t expect to find some one else here on wordpress.com doing the same sort of blogging as myself…I’m so excited about this!! Check me out at allthelittlebones.wordpress.com?

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