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Dance and Fashion: Two Worlds Collide

I’ve always had a relatively refined fashion sense. I bought my first suit in the 8th grade. I loved that suit because I thought it made me look important and powerful. I admired… Continue reading

This is an A and B dance conversation…

So C your way out of it before D and E come and Fouette you away… Just my dance inspired take on the classic sassy dismissal. How many times did you hear the… Continue reading

Introducing Daniela DeAgazio: Dancer

Last February I had the opportunity to do a collaborative creative shoot with Daniela DeAgazio. This was not my first time working with this talented dancer and as per usual she had no…

A Dancers Life

Originally posted on Scarlet Lens Photography:
Those of you who have either been in dance (or even figure skating) or have a daughter, sister, niece or grand daughter in it know exactly what…

All I Want for Christmas is… Dance Tickets!!

But actually, that is pretty much all I will be asking for this year. This video does however make me want to add a red long-sleeve leotard to my list… A little over… Continue reading

Dance and the Human Form

I am a dancer. My body is my instrument. I take good care of it, it has treated me well. I have been dancing for the past twenty-five years. – Tim Persent Oh… Continue reading

Combining Dance and CGI

Oh look, I am becoming a regular blogger again. I am on a roll!!! Last Sunday, I spent roughly three hours straight watching dance videos on Vimeo and YouTube. Although it had been… Continue reading

My latest dance shoot: Michaela DePrince

Originally posted on Champagne for Ducklings:
Last Monday morning, I was lucky enough to be hired to do a shoot with Michaela DePrince, a beautiful dancer who moved to Amsterdam just two days…

Calling All Male Dancers. Feel free to cabriol√© into my life

Here is a fun little fact. Views on my blog were abnormally high last Wednesday. Why? People were trying to find out more about Christopher Scott, light of my life and choreographer for… Continue reading

Not Your Normal Duet

Tomorrow I will be going to The Kennedy Center to see Ballet Across America. I know that once I come back, I will be very motivated to write a real blog post… Promise!… Continue reading