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Tappy New Year! (Get it?)

It’s so crazy thinking that 2014 is almost over. Where did all of the time go? Can you believe that we are past the midpoint of February, 2015!?!?! Where did all of the… Continue reading

Introducing Daniela DeAgazio: Dancer

Last February I had the opportunity to do a collaborative creative shoot with Daniela DeAgazio. This was not my first time working with this talented dancer and as per usual she had no…

A Dancers Life

Originally posted on Scarlet Lens Photography:
Those of you who have either been in dance (or even figure skating) or have a daughter, sister, niece or grand daughter in it know exactly what…

Dancer Spotlight: Misty Copeland

Hello Again, So now that I have returned from my hiatus, I thought it would be fitting to have my return post be a viral video. It is still gaining widespread mainstream attention… Continue reading