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Dance and Fashion: Two Worlds Collide

I’ve always had a relatively refined fashion sense. I bought my first suit in the 8th grade. I loved that suit because I thought it made me look important and powerful. I admired… Continue reading

Dancer Spotlight: Misty Copeland

Hello Again, So now that I have returned from my hiatus, I thought it would be fitting to have my return post be a viral video. It is still gaining widespread mainstream attention… Continue reading

Coffee, Tea, Marzipan and Candy Canes

Those four sweet treats together can only mean one thing. It’s NUTCRACKER SEASON!!! Fun fact: I was going to name this post Land of the Sweets but apparently that title has been co-opted… Continue reading

Dance and the Human Form

I am a dancer. My body is my instrument. I take good care of it, it has treated me well. I have been dancing for the past twenty-five years. – Tim Persent Oh… Continue reading

Happy (Belated) Anniversary To Me

Greetings Earthlings. I have been meaning to share this photo with you. Don’t we make such a cute couple… In other news, on July 21st, my blog turned 1. It was a Sunday and… Continue reading


Hi All, I know I know… Where have i disappeared to these past few weeks? Well at least it wasn’t two months like last time. Although I  did start a post for the top… Continue reading

SYTYCD Season 10 Review: Top 18

Superfans, it is always good to know that our voices matter. No more eliminations at the beginning of the show! Although, I wonder if the judges still decide who will be leaving at… Continue reading

SYTYCD Top 20 Dance Again…

Hello All, I realize it is Monday but better late than never! Last week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance definitely came as a surprise for many people. No one seemed to… Continue reading


Hello Hello! I have decided to recap/voice my opinions about So You Think You Can Dance this season. My intention is to have each post published by Wednesday night… We shall see how… Continue reading

Not Your Normal Duet

Tomorrow I will be going to The Kennedy Center to see Ballet Across America. I know that once I come back, I will be very motivated to write a real blog post… Promise!… Continue reading