Introducing Daniela DeAgazio: Dancer

Last February I had the opportunity to do a collaborative creative shoot with Daniela DeAgazio. This was not my first time working with this talented dancer and as per usual she had no trouble pushing the boundaries of what she is capable of to create an incredible image. Daniela trained competitively at the Rajka Kupesic School of Classical Ballet from a young age and continued her career teaching at the school for 3 more years. Her dance career was then taken onto the open Sea where she was a guest performer on the Princess Cruises for almost 2 years. Daniela… Continue reading Introducing Daniela DeAgazio: Dancer

Ballet: flamboyant imagery, once ago..

Originally posted on Imagery Tales:
Ballet.. Listen to the sound, Bal-let: the word itself is feather-like. Light and elegant, delicate and swift, like ballerinas. Fragile, like their long fingers. Flamboyant. That is the feeling Ballet was bringing to my imagery. But not anymore. I so much wanted to write about Ballet and when I finally found few minutes of free time I thought it would be the best time to write about this. Time when I am tired, cold, nervous again for not sleeping enough. Time when my head is a warehouse, full of business & economics related thoughts. Time… Continue reading Ballet: flamboyant imagery, once ago..