Artistic Pole Dancing: It’s Not Just for Women

And I am not referring to what can be found in the movie Magic Mike, starring Channing Tatum. I am referring to the performing art which is a combination of gymnastics and dance… Continue reading

Dance From Around the World: Africa

This post is slightly different from the ones I have written before. Today I am going for a little dance education. Earlier this week I went to the library and borrowed a few… Continue reading

A Blast From the Past: Evolution of Dance

Yesterday I was taken back in time. Both literally and figuratively. At the top of my Gmail, there is a little bar of information that highlights something from the World Wide Web. This… Continue reading

Because everyone secretly wants to play with fire…

At my alma mater Colgate University, we have two great traditions with fire. As a freshman, you are led up the hill by torch carrying members of Konosioni (the senior honor society) where… Continue reading

In Honor of the Students Going Back to School

Much to my chagrin, I will not be one of them. I am not saying I will miss the all-nighters, stressful deadlines, or Club Case (our pet name for the library). However I… Continue reading

Everyday I’m… Jumpstyling?!?!?

I first saw jumpstyle on So You Think You Can Dance. The dancer’s name was Gold Inferno and he claimed to be the American champion in this style. He proceeded to jump around… Continue reading

A Few Auditions From SYTYCD

Almost any dancer I can think of would love to be on So You Think You Can Dance. Not only are you able to dance on national television in front of millions of viewers,… Continue reading

Dancing in the Dark

You get this amazing piece of work. This dance group hailing all the way from Japan shows how dance is constantly evolving and incorporating technology. For some of you, this may remind you… Continue reading

To Dance is to Escape…

More than anything else, the Tango is about a connection, an empathy between two people, the need to embrace, and be in the arms of another, to escape, albeit for just a brief… Continue reading

Ballet Deconstructed

Everyone loves a good slow motion replay. We can partly thank Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix for that. Since then, slow motion action sequences have been in. If you go on Youtube,… Continue reading