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Black History Month Spotlight: Alvin Ailey

Hello Readers – This has been a very long hiatus. I’ve missed you! Tell me things about your life. How was your 2016? How is your 2017? Hopefully a little more joyous now that I’m… Continue reading

Dancer Spotlight: Misty Copeland

Hello Again, So now that I have returned from my hiatus, I thought it would be fitting to have my return post be a viral video. It is still gaining widespread mainstream attention… Continue reading

Coffee, Tea, Marzipan and Candy Canes

Those four sweet treats together can only mean one thing. It’s NUTCRACKER SEASON!!! Fun fact: I was going to name this post Land of the Sweets but apparently that title has been co-opted… Continue reading

Dance and the Human Form

I am a dancer. My body is my instrument. I take good care of it, it has treated me well. I have been dancing for the past twenty-five years. – Tim Persent Oh… Continue reading

My latest dance shoot: Michaela DePrince

Originally posted on Champagne for Ducklings:
Last Monday morning, I was lucky enough to be hired to do a shoot with Michaela DePrince, a beautiful dancer who moved to Amsterdam just two days…

Calling All Male Dancers. Feel free to cabriolé into my life

Here is a fun little fact. Views on my blog were abnormally high last Wednesday. Why? People were trying to find out more about Christopher Scott, light of my life and choreographer for… Continue reading

Ballet: flamboyant imagery, once ago..

Originally posted on Imagery Tales:
Ballet.. Listen to the sound, Bal-let: the word itself is feather-like. Light and elegant, delicate and swift, like ballerinas. Fragile, like their long fingers. Flamboyant. That is the…

‘Nude’ by Shinichi Maruyama.

Originally posted on Jenny Swerdlow Photography:
This series of images looks like long exposure dance photography. But do not be fooled, each images contain ten thousand images stitched together, his camera manages to…

The Future of Dance

Dance has many benefits. Of course there are the physical benefits such as increasing flexibility and improving your posture, however did you know that it can improve your cognitive acuity and can be used as… Continue reading

Nutcracker Season is Upon Us

Hello Blogosphere! I know it has been a while since my last blog post. It is a long and unfortunate story, however I promise this post should make up for any of the… Continue reading