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Dance Around the World: Flamenco

After taking an extended hiatus from blogging, I wanted to complete the posts that I had started writing previously. It’s quite likely some of you wondered if I had given up on dance. That could not be… Continue reading

Celebrating the Earth through Dance

The Earth has music for those who listen. -George Santayana I know it has been quite some time since I have written a post for this blog. I will spare you my excuses… Continue reading

What if swing states meant states where people swing danced…

That is just my random political musing for the day. Thanks for taking a small break from all of the election madness. We all know its about those key “swing states” but today… Continue reading

To Dance is to Escape…

More than anything else, the Tango is about a connection, an empathy between two people, the need to embrace, and be in the arms of another, to escape, albeit for just a brief… Continue reading