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All I Want for Christmas is… Dance Tickets!!

But actually, that is pretty much all I will be asking for this year. This video does however make me want to add a red long-sleeve leotard to my list… A little over… Continue reading


Hello Hello! I have decided to recap/voice my opinions about So You Think You Can Dance this season. My intention is to have each post published by Wednesday night… We shall see how… Continue reading

Not Your Normal Duet

Tomorrow I will be going to The Kennedy Center to see Ballet Across America. I know that once I come back, I will be very motivated to write a real blog post… Promise!… Continue reading

What if swing states meant states where people swing danced…

That is just my random political musing for the day. Thanks for taking a small break from all of the election madness. We all know its about those key “swing states” but today… Continue reading

To Dance is to Escape…

More than anything else, the Tango is about a connection, an empathy between two people, the need to embrace, and be in the arms of another, to escape, albeit for just a brief… Continue reading