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A Dancer’s Form is not Shaped by Gravity

We are aware of the connection between effort and pleasure, we are aware of the distance between our body parts, we are aware of the friction between flesh and bones, we sense the… Continue reading

Dance and the Human Form

I am a dancer. My body is my instrument. I take good care of it, it has treated me well. I have been dancing for the past twenty-five years. – Tim Persent Oh… Continue reading

Calling All Male Dancers. Feel free to cabriol√© into my life

Here is a fun little fact. Views on my blog were abnormally high last Wednesday. Why? People were trying to find out more about Christopher Scott, light of my life and choreographer for… Continue reading

Turning the dance floor on its side. Literally

Bandaloop seamlessly weaves dynamic physicality, intricate choreography and the art of climbing to turn the dance floor on its side. Bandaloop Website Imagine dancing on the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington or the… Continue reading

Ballet Deconstructed

Everyone loves a good slow motion replay. We can partly thank Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix for that. Since then, slow motion action sequences have been in. If you go on Youtube,… Continue reading