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Why, it’s a man! A man made out of tin!

Guess who’s back (da da da) back again (da da da). Dance Pundit’s back (da da da). Tell a friend (da da da). Hello Blogosphere! I’m back!!! I am well aware that my… Continue reading

Look, it’s a mini blog post from Dance Pundit!

Promise I am still around. I will be ending my hiatus within the week. Promise! 🙂


Hi All, I know I know… Where have i disappeared to these past few weeks? Well at least it wasn’t two months like last time. Although I  did start a post for the top… Continue reading

SYTYCD Season 10 Review: Top 18

Superfans, it is always good to know that our voices matter. No more eliminations at the beginning of the show! Although, I wonder if the judges still decide who will be leaving at… Continue reading

SYTYCD Top 20 Dance Again…

Hello All, I realize it is Monday but better late than never! Last week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance definitely came as a surprise for many people. No one seemed to… Continue reading


Hello Hello! I have decided to recap/voice my opinions about So You Think You Can Dance this season. My intention is to have each post published by Wednesday night… We shall see how… Continue reading

Choreographer Spotlight: Christopher Scott

Happy February Dance Fam! I am not sure if you heard the news (or if you particularly care), however, Alison Holker from season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance and Twitch… Continue reading

Tap: The Underappreciated Dance Style

Shuffle step. Shuffle step. Shuffle step step shuffle step. That is the extent of my tap knowledge. Although many people start their dance journeys with a tap classes, it unfortunately seems as though… Continue reading

In Honor of the Students Going Back to School

Much to my chagrin, I will not be one of them. I am not saying I will miss the all-nighters, stressful deadlines, or Club Case (our pet name for the library). However I… Continue reading

Everyday I’m… Jumpstyling?!?!?

I first saw jumpstyle on So You Think You Can Dance. The dancer’s name was Gold Inferno and he claimed to be the American champion in this style. He proceeded to jump around… Continue reading